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What of cam and groove coupling can play the role

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  cam and groove coupling in the current market economy, has a wider range of application, when carries on the corresponding operation, it is convenient for people to be applied, and its products in people's further perfect, also make it have a different division on the species. In its operation, it is also convenient for people to use. So, when to use its products can have the effect of what?

  People in the corresponding operation on cam and groove coupling, it is convenient for people to use. In its application, it can play a good cushioning effect, and in the further improvement, also in the application, has a good damping effect. When people is for its products for the corresponding operation, it can be widely used in different fields.

  Cam and groove coupling in today's society, because of its good characteristics, so make it in people's application, get the favor of people. In carries on the operation, its product also can effectively improve the dynamic performance of system.