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How to carry on the reasonable operation of cam and groove coupling

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  cam and groove coupling in the application, because of its good utility, so it can be widely used in different industries, when to use, it is convenient for people to carry on the corresponding operation. Now its products on the species also have a number of different standards, making it in people's application, get a promotion. So when to use operation, should be how to carry on the corresponding use?

  1. When operators to use cam and groove coupling, there is no excess of the prescribed axis skewed and radial displacement, so as not to affect the rotation of the product performance. And in its application, also should keep the product can't lose bolts, or defect phenomenon.

  2. People on cam and groove coupling applications, shall, in accordance with the standard operation method, to carry on the reasonable use, to make it in the application, good effect. If and when to use a failure phenomenon, It should immediately to check, after waiting for breakdown phenomenon to use again.

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